Blue Ocean Strategy was developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Blue Ocean Strategy enables in:

  • Create uncontested market space
  • Make the competition irrelevant
  • Create and capture new demand
  • Break the value-cost trade-off
  • Align the whole system of a firm’s activities in pursuit of differentiation and low cost. VALUE INNOVATION

8 steps in Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting

Awareness session on basic concepts of Blue Ocean

AS-IS Analysis of Strategy Canvas

Strategy canvas – captures current industry landscape based on the factors players compete on like product, service, delivery etc.

Tracing the competition using Porter’s five forces model

Applying 6 principles of Blue Ocean

Reconstruction of market boundaries using 6 paths framework

Preparing EERC Grid

Review of formulated Blue Ocean Strategy

Implementation of formulated Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop

  • About Red Ocean and its limitations
  • Blue Ocean Vs Innovation
  • Developing Strategy Canvas
  • 6 principles of Blue Ocean
  • Reconstructing market using 6 paths framework
  • Four action framework – ERRC Grid
  • Strategy and characteristics of good strategy
  • Types of Non-Customer
  • Blue Ocean strategy formulation and implementation
  • Change management leadership