IT service Management (ISO 20000)

IT Service Management

To understand the importance of IT Service Management it is important to understand the role of IT in the overall achievement of the organization.

IT Service Management improves organizations operation and communication which are fundamentals of Business. IT Service Management effectively plans, designs, manages and delivers the IT services to justify the ROI on IT infrastructure.

ISO 20000 is a well-known standard globally for implementing best practices in IT Service Management.

CUNIX Consultants is one of the leading consultants for ISO 20000 in India and abroad. We supplement consulting with our partnerships with certification bodies to become a one-stop destination for all ISO 20000 related needs.

CUNIX guides and provides all the requisite to an organization in a journey to streamline the processes and make it compliant with ISO 20000.

Key benefits of ISO 20000:

  • Improve Image and Credibility.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced cost of IT.
  • People, process, and technology are integrated to support business goals.
  • Measuring and maintaining consistent levels of services using controls.
  • ISO20000 can be integrated with ITIL for continual improvement.
  • Put in place controls that are driven by and support Business Objectives.
  • Gain competitive advantage.

Implementation step of ISO 20000 :

CUNIX consultant will conduct the kick-off meeting, guide and review the core implementation team formation and will also conduct the ISO 20000 standard based awareness training for the core members.

CUNIX consultant will perform the diagnostic study of existing processes and practices as per ISO 20000 requirements and provide the necessary reports to the organization.

CUNIX consultant will guide the client implementation in establishing the SMS process documents as by ISO 20000 standard.

CUNIX consultant will guide the client organization in implementation of ISO 20000 process documented in last step.

Expert Trainer from CUNIX will conduct the ISO 20000 based internal auditor training.

Before the Third party certification audit, CUNIX consultant will guide the internal audit team in conducting internal audits based on ISO 20000 standard and closing the gaps (if any).

CUNIX consultant will facilitate in closure of Stage 1 and stage 2 audit findings of ISO 20000 based certification audit.


ISO 20000 is a global standard that describes the requirements for an information technology service management (ITSM) System. The standard was developed to mirror the best practices described within the IT infrastructure library (ITIL) framework. Any organization providing or using IT services can benefit from this Standard by improving internal controls.

Some benefits of ISO20000, Improve Image and Credibility, Increased customer satisfaction, Reduced cost of IT, People, process and technology are integrated to support business goals, Measuring and maintaining consistent levels of services using controls, ISO20000 can be integrated with ITIL for continual improvement, Put in place controls that are driven by and support Business Objectives, Gain competitive advantage etc.

ISO20000 is IT Service Management System which improves internal controls of the organization which provides or uses IT services while ISO9001 is a Quality Management Standard that improves the control in the entire organization.

Audit for ISO20000 takes a few days while the efforts of the organization to be ready for Audit aligned with our trainings and consulting will take anywhere between 4-6 months. This time frame is based on the average time taken by organizations and actual time taken will depend various factors.

An actual implementation of ISO20000is vital for effectively plans, designs, manages and delivers to make the most of your IT investments. An ISO20000 certificate can also be used for branding purposes as the certificate signifies internal controls which eventually improves the services.

Cunix has an expert team of consultants who will guide and support your organization throughout the journey. We also have partnership with certification bodies so contacting Cunix is the only activity you have to do. We will take care of the rest.

Every Organization has certain policies and processes. Maybe your organizations processes might not be 100% compliant with these standards but the processes still exist. We can provide trainings and guidance to your organization to achieve 100% compliance with ISO20000 standard and assure your certification.

We have partnered with many certification bodies for our clients convenience. You may choose an appropriate certification body based on your needs from our list of bodies or choose to select independently.

ISO20000 is valid for 3 years. With 2 surveillance audits carried out from the following year of certification.

Yes, there are two surveillance audits carried out from the following year of certification.

Location is not a constraint for CUNIX. We have presence all over India and across the globe. We have successfully done more than 300 consulting projects in 19 countries. We have 350+ satisfied clients spread across the world.


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