CMMI Certification – Process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes.

Due to the intricacy of products and services delivered by business organizations, demand of integrated view of how organizations do business arises. CMMI can reduce the cost with process improvements across enterprises that depend on numerous functions or groups to achieve their objectives.

To attain this integrated view, the CMMI Framework is needed as it reduces the cost by process improvement across enterprises that depend on numerous functions or groups to achieve their objectives. The CMMI framework includes common model components, common terminology, common appraisal methods, and common training materials. CMMI can be used for process improvement across a project, a division, or an entire organization. CUNIX is a CMMI Institute Partner and specializes in Appraisal, Trainings and Advisory for CMMI. Basically three area of interest has been covered by CMMI model and these are Development, Acquisition and Services. CUNIXoffers all three constellations of CMMI version 1.3.

  • CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV or CMMI for Development): This model is designed to improves the processes of the organizations involved in development of products CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ and CMMI for Acquisition): This model is designed to cover the processes involved in the outsourcing industry.
  • CMMI (CMMI-SVC or CMMI for Services): It is designed to cover all activities required to manage, develop and deliver services.

Despite of the constellation \ model that an organization chooses, CMMI practices must adapt to each organization based on their business goals. Organizations are evaluated with SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement) evaluation method and rated by maturity level classification or a level of capability achievement numbered from 1 -5. Rated Organizations are the said to be CMMI Certified.

The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is the official method of CMMI Institute to provide standard rating systems in relation to the CMMI models. SCAMPI is used to identify strengths and weaknesses of processes, reveal risks of development / acquisition, and determine levels of ability and maturity. They are used either as part of a process improvement program or for the qualification of potential suppliers. The method defines the evaluation of processess consisting of preparation; activities on the ground; Preliminary findings, conclusions and ratings; reporting and monitoring activities.

CMMI Appraisal:

Appraisal or assessment of the organization using CMMI model must convene the requirements mention in the “Appraisal Requirements for CMMI” (ARC) document. The evaluation result is classified into three appraisal classes: A, B, C, which focuses on recognizing opportunity for improvement, and evaluates processes of the organization with the best CMMI practices. Assessment teams use the CMMI model and a method according to ARC to guide their evaluation and reporting of findings.

CUNIX is premier CMMI Institute Partner in India which provides CMMI Appraisal, Trainings and Consulting services leading to CMMI certification in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi and many more.

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How CUNIX is best CMMI Certification provider In Chennai?

CMMI is a comprehensive set of guidelines that helps organisations in different industry domains to establish, augment, consolidate and improve processes for different business functions. CMMI helps organisations to develop and scale efficiencies in cross-functional activities and interfaces by creating reporting structures and accountability checks that helps to plan, direct, control and monitor the performance and implementation of each and every component of the system process including plan components to be completed and the executives in charge of them. CMMI contains several distinct branches catering to different aspects of the business including services, accounting, project management and such.

Several certification provides have entered CMMI space in recent times riding on the wave of strong emergent demand from industrial houses and large businesses. Picking a good certification provider from this jungle can be difficult if you do not have the right information. Read on to find out why CUNIX is Chennai’s best CMMI certification provider and to make a wise decision about the future of your career.

1. Convenient location

CUNIX is located in the heart of Chennai, making it easier for busy corporate professionals to attend classes and training at their own convenience. CUNIX is easily accessible through all the main transport means including the Chennai metro and the transport bus system

2. Qualified faculty

CUNIX employs the most qualified and reputed faculty in and around Chennai to provide trainig to its students.

3. Professional and practical interface

CUNIX conducts regular industry interface sessions where students are provided informations and knowledge on how CMMI systems are used in practice in the industry to control and optimise various parts of the business

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Benefits of Business Strategic Management Solution

Hiring Strategic Management Consultants for your business will endow you several benefits. The major benefits of strategic management for businesses include identification, prioritization and exploration of the opportunities. The process immensely helps a business to launch new products or to penetrate new group of target markets. Strategic management gives an objective view to a business on its various activities. It indulges cost benefit analysis process so that business owners can understand whether the business is in profitable position or not. Broadly, the benefits of business strategic management can be divided into two distinctive sections. One is financial benefit and the other one is non-financial benefit. To reap the benefits of strategic management, it is essential to hire professional and trustworthy Business Consulting Services.

The main goals of strategic business management is assessing the financial profitability and evaluating the alignment of the business to its strategic goals. The key point here is that strategic management allows a business to orient itself according to its target markets, clients and customers. It helps a business to actualize the right strategies for the business so that higher profitability and brand exposure can be achieved.

Financial Benefits

It has been noted widely that the firms which hire professional Strategic Management Consultants always do better profitability than its competitors. The reason is strategic management helps a business to stay focused on its goals. Strategic planning includes analyzing the opportunities for a business and finding scopes for implementing strategic management for better profitability. When a business knows its opportunities, it focuses on producing more market oriented products or services.

Many people perceive that strategic planning and management processes are only intended for the large scale companies. In reality, even a startup requires strategic management services. In fact, startup or small businesses need better strategic planning so that they can ensure business growth in the shortest time frame. Many startups are scattered with their vision. They lack good strategic planning, and thus they fail to understand their opportunities. Failing to understand opportunities keeps a business diverted from its main goals that can generate true revenues for them. In India, large number of startups or small businesses fail to flourish, as they lack quality strategic management support.

Non-financial Benefits

Till now, we have discussed tangible benefits of strategic management. Apart from the tangible benefits, strategic management has some non-financial benefits in offering for the business owners as well. It helps a business to know its threats, weaknesses and loopholes. It also helps to understand the rival businesses in a better manner. This is why business owners must opt for professional Business Consulting Services for seamless strategic management.

The most important non-financial benefit of strategic management is that it helps a business to become more disciplined and organized. It bridges a link between performance and rewards for the employees. Under proper strategic planning, a firm grows rationally, understanding its financial feasibilities. If you are planning to expand a business, go for meticulous strategic management to find the feasibility or viability of business expansion at the present condition.

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Effectiveness of Balanced Score Card for SMEs

For small business management, various methodologies and technologies are applied or deployed. The balanced scorecard is one of the ways of managing small businesses or enterprises. This method strives to make a business functionally smoother and financially more stable. It is basically an approach of performance measurement which aims to combine traditional as well as contemporary financial and non-financial measuring practices. With this approach, managers or small business owners get richer and larger spectrum of information. Analyzing the information, it becomes easier to set accurate future goals for the organization.

In today’s business environment, especially within small and medium enterprises, the balanced scorecard is a popular practice. It has certain benefits to offer to the organizations, and we shall start analyzing those benefits in the following section.

Benefits of Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard is a simple, yet a practical approach for business process evaluation. This approach focuses on various aspects of a business, and tries to point out weak as well as strong areas of the business. Here are benefits of balanced scorecard evaluation process at a glance for you:

Clarifying and Redefining Vision of Organization

The balanced scorecard is a system for judging visions and missions of an organization. Many small businesses are not clarified in terms of their business targets or goals or visions. It is important to run a business with proper visions or targets. Fulfillment of certain targets should be marked as achievements. Once old targets are achieved, new targets are required to be pursued. Business without vision gets dimensionless. With the balanced scorecard approach, redefine business goals and set the proper business vision.

Make Organization Activities Target Driven

With balanced scorecard method, you can make your organization, goal oriented or target driven. Once you set the goals, it is the time to motivate your workforce to achieve those goals. To motivate the workforce, business manager needs plan organizational activities precisely. Understand strength, weakness and copes for improvement in work process of your organization with balanced scorecard.

Multiple Initiative Structure

Small businesses often struggle when it comes to implement multiple initiatives within an organization. With multiple initiatives, it is not easy to take a business towards greater profitability. For business expansion, wide numbers of target driven initiatives are required. To manage and implement multiple
business initiatives seamlessly, balanced scorecard analysis is important.

Robust Capital and Resource Allocation

To run a business process with precision, we need proper capital and resource allocation. Basically, resource allocation and capital distribution to determine the future of a small business unit. The process has to be simple and effective. For resource distribution, balanced scorecard analysis is imperative for an organization.

Integrate Systematic Management Process

For the success of a small business, proper management has to be implemented. Failure in management process brings dire consequences, even to the most promises startups. Integrating systematic management process motivates the organization to achieve its goals and further helps an organization to enter bigger spectrum of running the business process. For quick and seamless expansion of business through greater profitability, systematic management plays the most significant role.

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Cunixinfotech Innovate Your Business Planning

Managing a business is always a daunting task. In business process management, many things have to be taken under consideration. From its formation to reaching the optimal level of profitability, a business has to surpass a lot of stages. At every stage, it needs different kinds of management solutions. Proper planning and accurate decision making takes a business on the verge of grand success. Many entrepreneurs think that business promotion is the ultimate thing for business success. But, in reality, business promotion is just a part of business process management. You need professional and meticulous business consulting services for attaining the optimal level of profitability.

Cunixinfotech is a well known and one of the leading business consulting services in India. Established in the year of 1992, Cunixinfotech has been working more than a decade. With our years of experience in business consulting services, we are confident that we can deliver cutting edge business management solutions to our clients. Whether you need to rejuvenate your depressed business or you need to start a new business, Cunixinfotech provides all kinds of end to end business management solutions. We hold the record of working for more than 375 clients, and their satisfactory feedbacks have encouraged us.

Business Process Management Advisory Services

Business process management solutions are needed for streamlining the business process. As the process of an organization gets strengthened, it becomes easier for the organizations to move towards the target level of profitability. Cunixinfotech offers robust, meticulous and innovative advisory solutions that can help a business to grow as per its full potential. Finding the strengths, understanding the weakness and sensing the opportunities are importantfor triggering seamless business process management. We have experienced and streamlined strategic management consultants, who can render contemporary advisory services for a business. We have certified and trained personnel to provide such services with high end precision.

Project Management Advisory

Managing projects is important for all IT services. This is where small or startup organizations face a lot of troubles. Inappropriate project management can lead to harm in overall reputation of an organization. Furthermore, it may cause penalties from clients. Client retention report gets poorer and thus a business fails to perform as per its potential. To put the business back on the track of prosperity, it is important to go for proficient project management solutions. Professional project management consultancy solutions can benefit startup and small businesses mostly. Even larger scale businesses sometime require better project management solutions. Cunixinfotech offers professional and steadfast project management advisory services.

HR Services

Among our various business advisory services, HR service is the most important as well as the crucial service at the present global economic scenario. Human capital or human resource is an asset for an organization. No organization can do better without recognizing its human resources with perfection. Training the fresh employees and managing the existing team of employees have to be done with precision. Our strategic management consultants provide such services to clients, ensuring a high level of productivity. Human resource is a power in any organization, and the power needs proper direction. We help to find that direction through our consulting services. Apart from that, all other contemporary HR solutions are provided by us, including staffing, permanent or temporary hiring, managing wages, monitoring performance, etc.


Best Practices Framework for Business Growth – Cunixinfotech

CMMI is the acronym for Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is a process improvement model which implements in the organization in order to improve the quality and performance of their processes, to achieve consistency in teams and to establish standardized processes. The CMMI process improvement model helps define the processes, identify the weaknesses, strengths and opportunity for improvement in the processes. This model was developed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.

You can implement CMMI in your organization by using the services of a company that offers CMMI consulting such as CUNIX Infotech. CMMI consulting involves training, guidance and process development to implement the CMMI model in an organization for the purpose of standardizing and improving its processes. CMMI consultants act as trainers to build competencies and to achieve business improvement goals in an enduring and maintainable manner.

CMMI consulting offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerating the process of improving activities in an organization
  • Focusing on process improvement and meeting business objectives
  • Establishing standardized processes in an organization and project specific processes
  • Offering a benchmark for appraising current practices in an organization
  • Conducting checks regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of process implementation

The best time to use the use the services of CMMI consultants is when your organization needs to improve, develop or implement business processes for marketing or strategic reasons. You can also use the services of these consultants if you need subject matter expertise in the CMMI field, if you are finding it daunting to implement process improvement initiatives due to organizational inertia and if time driven targets have been put in place by an organization’s management to achieve target CMMI maturity level.

CUNIX Infotech has the expertise of qualified lead appraisers and assessment team members to offer CMMI certifications, training and consulting services. This company provides a variety of CMMI appraisal and consulting services, which can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization. With CMMI certification, you can align the processes and activities of your organization with your business goals. The benefits of CMMI include improved delivery and quality, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

CUNIX Infotech can help you succeed in completing an appraisal successfully or implementing process improvements in order to enhance the process capabilities of your organization. Our consultants can assist you to identify process improvement opportunities within your organization and implement the required changes. They can also guide you to review the business processes of your organization, analyze areas of deficiency, implement improvement and develop process documentation.

When the time comes for a CMMI appraisal, our appraisers can work with you in preparation for the appraisal. We can help you define the appraisal scope, schedule, plan of action, resources and budget. We can support you through the entire process so that you can complete the appraisal successfully.

CUNIX Infotech is a leading provider of CMMI certification in Ahmedabad and other cities in India. Our strength and experience across many industries allows us to help clients get CMMI certifications in Chennai, Bangalore, in Pune and in Delhi. Our consulting services include CMMI appraisals, CMMI documents and CMMI certifications.

ISO 27001 Certification – Ensure to Have an Effective Information Security Management system in India

ISO 27001 Certification – Ensure to Have an Effective Information Security Management system in India

To prove its authenticity, many businesses need to acquire certifications. Among these certifications, ISO certification is considered as one of the most important things. Attaining ISO certification helps a business to progress significantly by obtaining certain standardization as per the recommendation of the ISO. ISO recommendation helps a business to practice certain proven methods of maintaining effective security management system. If you run an information security consulting business, you need ISO certification to appear more reliable or trustworthy to your clients. ISO certification can benefit you in various other ways. We shall find those benefits in the following section:

1. Meeting Requirements of Customers

Small or medium businesses, based in Bangalore or other major cities of India, always look for attaining ISO certification for the purpose of meeting customers’ requirements. While opting for products, many buyers check the company’s reputation carefully. ISO certification has been considered as one of the major aspects of an organization. When a company is approved by ISO, buyers get some sort of reliability on the products of the particular company. Moreover, some buyers have the requirement for ISO certification in mind. They outright reject those products that are not from ISO approved companies in India.

2. Attain Industrial Standardization in Business Process

A security management system providing companies in India need to maintain certain industrial standardization to appear as reliable and worthy for the customers. Security management system products should be well designed, and they should meet customer’s requirements with perfection. Modern customers may have various personalized requirements. With better technology and better business process as well as production management, such high-end products can be manufactured by the security agencies or consultancy services. For tactical and robust ISMS Consulting, maintaining ISO standardization or guidelines will help your company to grow significantly.

3. Develop Professional Culture

Security consulting companies in Mumbai or other major cities of India need to be professional. Whether your company provides consultancy services or modernized security system integration solutions or security system related products, you need ISO certification for clinching better reputation and exposure as a professional organization. Opting for ISO certification also helps a company to undergo certain processes. Following these processes makes a company look more professional and target oriented. It is important to develop a good professional culture within an organization. It benefits a company in overall aspects. Moreover, it enhances employee morale.

Improvised Consistency in Business Process

Consistency is the most important factor for the progress of a business. The business process must be consistent so that better profitability can be archived or attained. Moreover, the consistent business process helps develop better products. All leading business organizations in Pune and other major cities of India always look forward attaining a higher level of consistency. It helps maximize utilization or resources. It also helps in better business process management. Finally, it helps to produce improved and cutting edge products. In the security consultancy industry, products need to evolve on a constant basis as with the advent of time new security threats are approaching. Preparing for ISO standardization certification will help your business to clinch better brand identity.

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Impress your future employer with knowledge acquired from project management training in Mumbai – Cunix Infotech

How would you like being a wiz on all aspects of project management? Being a good project manager means you can leverage project costs, accurately estimate time budgets, reduce project risks and develop feasible plans. A professional project manager has the skills of meeting every important milestone on time and on target. And the most important fact is that cultivating these important skills helps you to impress prospective employers. Cunix Infotech is the leading center for project management training in Mumbai helping emerging managers across the country to build their careers in a highly specialized field.

The value of getting PM certification and training

A project manager is a professional with the ability to deliver projects on time and within set budgets. With proper learning experience and on-hands training you are sure to gain a leg-up on your peers by demonstrating a keen ability to execute every project with desired profitability goals.

Undergoing training at Cunix Infotech gives you specific benefits. Your training with us is a distinct indication to future employers that you have a thorough understanding of the complexities and body of PM, knowledge of general PM principles and that you possess skills that are far beyond just a paper credential. Practical experience is a vital element of Cunix Infotech’s project management training in Mumbai.

Today a great number of employers both locally and internationally place considerable weight on the credentials of a Project Manager. Many organizations make it a mandatory requisition for prospective employees to have undergone proper training when applying for this designation. Quite simply, project management training courses leading to globally recognized credentials such as endorsed by Cunix Infotech is worth your time and investment. The statement about your training at this institute is guaranteed to draw attention to your resume and make you a vanguard candidate at every interview.

The expert panel of trainers at Cunix Infotech is keen on promoting the science, practice, ethics and professionalism of project management. Flexible training methods are deployed to accommodate students from Mumbai and surrounding areas as well as on a global scale. A friendly training team will guide you every step of the way as you master the intricacies of project management.

Why choose Cunix Infotech for project management training in Mumbai

When you are looking at ways to impress future employers or working to get a professional upgrade the key is to obtain quality instruction. Cunix Infotech provides expert teaching and training helping you to manage projects like a pro.

Whether you need a salary bump, add an impressive credential to your resume, gain the competitive edge among colleagues or display your personal dedication and drive to your career you will be closer to your goals with the right project management training. At Cunix Personalized training is provided to help new employees to set their career on the right path and experienced ones to take their careers to the next level. Continuing to gain proper training shows your future employers the strong commitment you have to make your career absolutely successful.

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Risk Management Helps to Increase Efficiency and Boost Business Performance in Company – CUNIX Infotech

No matter the type or the scale of business you own and operate, you deserve the right for business success. Once the word Deserve is used, the message becomes pretty straightforward. It implies, you will attain business success if you are precise in directing and organizing your actions. If you have to attain business performance, you have to boost business performance. In addition, you need to achieve higher business efficiency. This will be possible only if you take the right steps in determining and managing enterprise risk factors.

Assessment of business strength-weakness- opportunities- threats

Though the term Risk management apparently gives a negative impression; in practice, it comes beneficial in identifying the pros as well. As Risk assessments identify the threats, it is obvious that the positive potentials will also get accentuated. Thus, Risk management assists organizations In SWOT analysis. Organizations can work on mitigation of the risks & threats. Simultaneously, it can exploit the opportunities lying before it.

Prevention is always better than to cure

The old proverbial saying is especially relevant in the business perspectives. It implies, you should always foresee the threats, rather than looking for a solution, once dug into the problem. Risk Management techniques identify the probable threats that can even affect the business process. Thus, organizations can look for preventions and not for curative measures.

Organizations can take adequate preparation

Risk management programs identify the threats beforehand. Hence, Organizations can get the time and the chance to take preventive measures. It implies, an organization can avoid the areas of threat. If the threats are out of the control of the organization, still, it will have adequate plans to escape these perils. Thus, risk management enables the organizations to stay well prepared for the fatal instances. It assists organizations in improving business planning.

Better management functions

Risk management programs identify the probable business threats. Thus, Management gets into a better position to intervene for the mitigation of the treats. Advance threat signals enable the management to take the necessary preventive measures. Thus, the management functions improve. Once the management functions improve, businesses will have better productivity and efficiency.

Businesses can deliver better results

As a business can foresee the threats and opportunities, it can mitigate the threats while exploring the opportunities. Thus, it becomes obvious that there will be an improvement in productivity. However, as efficiency, enhances in turn, businesses can downsize the overheads. Hence, it directly boosts the revenues and profit margin.

Risk management enables organizations to maintain its relevance. Considering the cut-throat competition, there are no margins of errors. Risk Management analysis will enable the business to escape the threats.

CUNIX is a reliable and trustworthy consultant for Enterprise Risk Management in India. This consultant offers risk management consulting in Mumbai as well as in other Indian cities. With a team of expert business consultant, CUNIX can assist your business to foresee the approaching peril. Consequently, the consultant will handhold your business to win over these threats.