Vision to Activities Lets make implementation simple

Vision to Activities Lets make implementation simple

The organizations worldwide have these two common concerns:

  1. The strategy formulated by the top management is far from the changing realities of the market
  2. And if the strategy formulated is in accordance with market realities, it is becoming difficult to translate it to the operational level and hence they remain only in the strategy documents of the company

The strategy formulation has these standard steps:

  • Defining Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values and Objectives for the organization.

The difficult part is to convert objectives into workable units i.e. strategy implementation becomes a challenge for the Senior Management. Balanced Score Card is one good tool in this direction. I am sharing my experience of maintaining Balanced Score Card at my organization.

  1. Convert Objectives into SMART Goals: The objectives direct towards the goal definition. The goals should have the below elements: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.
  2. Percentage contribution of different Goals to a particular objective: The % contribution of the goals to the particular objective needs to be analyzed by the Senior Management in accordance with their past experience.
  3. Conduct Synergy meets to get Ideas: The people at the operations level face the ground level challenge related to different functions in the organization. Ideas from them will be vital to the success of the organization. Conducting Synergy meets at regular intervals and gathering ideas from them will lead to a priceless repository of potential future initiatives.
  4. Map Ideas to Goals:Map the ideas to the goals it intends to satisfy and rate them majorly on two factors (These factors can be different for different businesses):a) Effectiveness of the Idea to achieve Goal, b) Impact of the Idea on the Goal
  5. Qualify Idea to Initiatives: After rating Ideas on the above two parameters, discuss and make some rules (on the basis of your organizational preference) to qualify these ideas to the initiatives.
  6. Choose among initiatives:Previous step will give handful of ideas which have potential to become initiatives. Rate those ideas on the different parameters derived from the focus on customers, finance, internal processes and people.
  7. Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure: Afterthe initiative qualifies, break it down to the activities to be performed with the Responsibilities, End Date, Duration, Completion Status etc. mentioned.

This 7 step process has converted the broad level vision into the doable activities with clear-cut responsibilities to perform.


Understanding Balanced Scorecard Design and Implement

  • Balanced Scorecard is a tool. In this particular post we will be focussing more on the issues this tool resolves in the organization. In later posts we will be exploring the tool itself.
  • Balanced Scorecard as a tool drives below systems:
    1. Communication System
    2. Performance Management System
    3. Strategic Management System
  • Factors affecting organizations in todays dynamic environment:
    1. Too much focus on financial measures of performance, to measure organizations success
    2. In this era of Information Technology, the intangible assets which are creating far more value for customers are less understood and evaluated
    3. Difficulty in percolation of formulated strategy to all the levels of the organization and hence challenges in strategy execution
  • Balanced Scorecard helps organization in overcoming above mentioned factors affecting the organization, by addressing them as below:
    1. Introducing other measure also to ensure effective Organizational Performance Measurement
    2. Taking into account the value creation aspects of intangible assets
    3. Cascading it to the different levels in the organization to address the challenges in Strategy implementation
  • The next blog of this series will be focussing on “Financial measures and their limitations”. Stay tuned to this space and post your queries if any at
Project Management

How Software Development Organizations Get Various Benefits From A CMMI Certification

The software industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today . As such, you can expect a very stiff competition between the industry players. For you to be able to survive this industry your organization needs to be at their very best when it comes to delivering the goods when it matters most.

The different departments of any software development organization need to communicate effectively with one another so as to enhance optimal performance during the course of executing any project. This post will be intimating you with the various benefits a software organization stands to gain when they implement the CMMI as part of their work culture.

Read carefully and find out how we can help improve the management structure of other software development organizations.

Industry Standards

This is one very good way your organization will get to benefit from this certification. When people are certified in this regards they tend to carry out every task with industry standards in mind. Employing industry standards in the various roles of a software development organization will only help to make the various processes in the organization link up nicely with each other.

Lets take coding for instance, when this model is implemented during the course of code development, the developer ensures that every detail about his code is comprehensively documented.

This way, it will not be difficult for any other developer who will be coming on board to continue from where he or she has stopped. In other words, with this model in place, you can expect easy maintenance of any application.

Quick Turnaround

Another thing you can benefit from such a model is getting your projects finished way ahead of time. Doing what has to be done will help to save a great deal of time. There will be more projects to handle because clients trust you can deliver on your promises. This is simply one of the secrets of success in this industry.

Better Communication

For projects to move smoothly when there is an improved workflow, employees and senior team members will need to understand the need for seamless communication within a project team. They need to understand the significance of giving feedback as at when appropriate. This is very important that it cannot be overemphasized.

During the course of any project, there should be proper communication every step of the way between members. This will go a long way to improving the way projects are being executed in the workplace.

Process Analysis

This model does not only benefit the software development organization from an internal perspective. It also helps to make them more effective before their clients. What this means is that your organization will have the expertise needed to study and analyze other processes so that they can suggest various improvement techniques that will bring about improved productivity.

Are you a software development organization in India or Mumbai and you are looking for a consulting company that can render this type of service? Well, look no further because we do not only provide CMMI Certification in Mumbai but we also provide CMMI Certification In philippines, United Kingdom(UK), ArgentinaEgypt.