ISO 22301 Certification Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 Certification

Let our expert consultants show you the effective and efficient ways of ISO 22301 implementation and achieving ISO 22301 certification.

Indias acclaimed ISO 22301 consulting service

Our team of certified and veteran consultants offers the most comprehensive solution for businesses seeking operational excellence. ISO 22301 is a vital business continuity management (BCM) standard that helps companies establish a highly effective and resilient set of core competency skills. CUNIX consultants are experts in the BCM field having helped companies on a pan India basis to achieve the ISO 22301 certification within an aggressive time frame.

Implementation approach

Implementing business continuity with maximum impact is a big challenge. There are implementation steps customized as per the needs of the organizations to follow for the preparation to achieve this certification. At CUNIX we are flexible and customize the implementation approach as per the client needs and strengths.

ISO 22301 Awareness Training to the implementation team at client organization for understanding the requirements of the standards.

Gap Assessment will be conducted as per ISO 22301 standard to understand the existing level of implementation and compliance with the standard.

Establish/Review of Business Continuity Management Policy.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) questionnaires analysis of qualitative and quantitative impacts on business, of necessary resources, etc.

Formulate/Review Business Continuity Strategy defines critical activities, interdependencies, recovery time objectives, strategy for managing and ensuring business continuity, strategy for recovering resources, strategy for individual critical activities.

Design/Review Business Continuity Plan a detailed description of how to respond to disasters or other business disruptions, and how to recover all critical activities.

Prepare/Review Business Continuity Exercising and Testing Plan describes how plans will be exercised and tested with the objective of identifying necessary corrective actions and improving the plan.

BCMS Maintenance and Review Plan a detailed overview of how plans and other BCMS documents should be maintained to ensure their functioning in the case of business disruption.

Post-incident Review Form a form used for reviewing effectiveness of plans after an incident.

Conducting Internal Audit and Closure of Non-Compliances.


Established by business continuity specialists this is a standard that provides finest benchmarking practices and a framework for implementing uninterrupted business continuity in a company. An organization can receive certification from an accredited certification body. Being ISO 22301 certified is a sound testament of compliance and that can be related to your customers, suppliers, shareholders, and other industry stakeholders.

  • Identification and systematic elimination of existing and potential threats to the business
  • Proactive damage control approaches towards establishing minimum impact from disruptive incidents
  • Curtail downtime during disruptive incidents
  • Efficient recovery time
  • Continue critical functions and operations even during times of crises
  • Demonstrate companys ability, compliance and resilience to important stakeholders and during tenders and bids

Any organization irrespective of its size, type, private, public, profit making or non-profit making can follow the necessary guidelines for implementing the ISO 22301 standard.