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IT Consulting and Technology Consulting:

CUNIX is among the leading IT specialist companies in India providing information technology-related services and consulting to business processes of all types and sizes. We have devised a large range of innovative processes and technologies helping companies on a worldwide scale to establish and build stronger businesses and optimizing their competitive edge.

A large number of organizations in India and overseas are benefitting from our global delivery of IT program advisory services. We have extended a variety of services in this niche including the provision of strategic insights, best practice industry and business processes and technology expertise, all of which have helped numerous clients in shaping their business success.


We are one of the fastest growing IT consultancy companies in India with a service that stems from a commitment towards a client-first culture. Our services are distinctly superior as proven by the long-term strong relationships we have established with both start-ups and well-known brands. We keep our fingertips on the pulse of IT innovation with continued investments in best industry practices and processes.

While India is the crucial base of our global business consultancy services we have already spread our wings across 16 international countries including USA, Germany, China, Kuwait, Spain, Singapore and much more.

CUNIX IT Advisory Services

Our IT advisory services are focused on helping organizations IT function to address challenges in minimizing risk and improving performance. Companies enjoy maximum business performance having addressed IT related issues with our guidance and necessary training. We work directly with companies of all sizes and types helping to establish an effective IT organization.

We create transformational business changes through efficient management of IT risks and aligning IT objectives with respective business strategies. The expert and in-depth technical knowledge of our IT consultants extend to helping companies with IT risk information, IT control services, IT assurance and ultimate achievement of operational excellence.

Transform your future success with IT advisory services from

A company with a go-ahead management will not wait until the future happens. Instead, they take action today to shape their futures. Business cultures are becoming increasingly dynamic and if you are to stay ahead of the competition, you need to start working differently. Don’t let disruptive technologies, complex new business models, increased competition and intense customer demands or changing employee expectation confuse and deviate you from reaching desired objectives. We can help any organization to adapt to these volatile changes, create an agile business environment where your company is equipped to transform risks and challenges into opportunities.

Give us a call today to find out how CUNIX IT advisory services can fine-tune your company operations to reach optimal performance, enhance value and become a forward-thinking organization.


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