Quality Management Services and Process Improvement

Quality management and Process Improvement Function in the Organization:

In an organization, process improvement and quality management function interact with other functions for getting the inputs for current processes, driving the improvement in current process, monitoring the quality of the output and audits to check adherence to the set processes.

Process Improvement and Quality Management Function as the cost center

An Organization spends millions of dollars on maintaining and overseeing the in-house Process Improvement and Quality Management Function.

Listed are the benefits of CUNIX as Quality Process Outsourcing Partner

  • CUNIX has 25 years of rich experience in process and quality consulting
  • Matured learning curve enables us to comprehend, appreciate and decipher the latest industry best practices and technological advancements in area of process and quality
  • Our interaction with multiple organizations in various domains on daily basis enables us to updateCUNIX Knowledge Management System (CKMS) on real-time basis
  • Pool of experienced consultant and hence advanced knowledge sharing and transfer to the client organization
  • It is our core activities, once outsourced to us it is our responsibility to successfully implement various process improvement and quality management initiatives
  • Our governance structure supports transparency and client gets the updates on the regular basis


1) Complete outsourcing of Process Improvement and Quality Management Function

a) In this service model CUNIX acts like an extended function of your organization.
b) Dedicated Engagement Manager from CUNIX interacts on the regular basis to understand the organizational needs.
c) As per identified needs, Engagement Manager from CUNIX allocates the resource, prepares the implementation approach and gets the implementation done.

2) Project-based outsourcing e.g. getting models like CMMI and standards like ISO 9001 etc. implemented and appraised/certified

In this service model, organizations give us end to end responsibility of getting a particular improvement or certification done. We focus on that part of Process Improvement and Quality Management Function only.

3) Resource Deployment

This service model is applicable when the client understands the particular need and does not have resources in-house or does not want to keep the resource in-house. In these cases, CUNIX provides the resource from its pool of resources and according to the pre-established plan, the client utilizes the resource.

So, let us deal with your Process Improvement and Quality Management and you focus on your core strength for generating greater business value for growth.