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Six Sigma Training In Mumbai

What happens when your competitors are not stagnant when the quality of their delivery remains a moving target and you need to find a way to stay one step ahead of the game? Market specialists have identified the 21st century to be the century of quality. This means quality in all aspects of your business will soon have a profound effect on your bottom line expectations, i.e. profitability.

Six Sigma is a powerful process, an excellent methodology created for the benefit of forwarding business thinkers. The methodology contains all the desired elements of productive employee involvement and engagement in best practices towards facilitating breakthrough developments.

Why your organization needs Six Sigma implementation

Through Six Sigma an organization cultivates a production process with near perfection precision. The defect levels are minimized to less than 3 per million opportunities. The concept is based on Motorola Companys initiative on eliminating defects through systematic process improvement. While the ground rules of Six Sigma was instigated by Bill Smith of Motorola Company in 1986 the process excellence methodology has since been refined through the ensuing decades to incorporate several important defect elimination processes like TQM, zero defects, and quality control management.

Six Sigma effectively reduces disparities in similar product types and associated processes. The consequent advantages of such a process are enormous. Visionary organizations in India have already adopted Six Sigma. They are reaping multi-layered benefits of minimal defects, enhanced production capacity, shorter cycle times, lower overheads, increased throughput and better profitability. Long-term benefits of incorporating Six Sigma processes in your organization include a tremendously positive impact on lowering capital expenditure and transformed business culture with systematic problem-solving aptitude. Unlike in the present where most decisions are driven on hypothesis your key management will be in a position to make critical decisions based on facts and data.

If Six Sigma is still new to your company here’s how we can help you

In order to deploy Six Sigma pervasively and effectively, your company needs the right guide and an empowered leadership force. It is important your organization gain capabilities of following the methodology with clear guidance. This includes being able to define problems, measure and analyze process outcomes, determine necessary changes for improvement, implement improvements at the root cause level and maintain control of processes for sustained gains.

Introducing best Six Sigma training in your locality

Solving a critical operational process of this nature and implementing the novel concept of Six Sigma need expert guidance and appropriate resources. CUNIX is facilitating this crucial need for companies with Six-Sigma training in Mumbai and Six-Sigma training in Bangalore. Our Six Sigma consultants and trainers are acknowledged process experts with a proven track record for helping businesses gain significant benefits from process excellence initiatives.

Be ready to face the challenges of a new business culture where quality is the key to driving success. Our consultants will help you re-design or implement new processes tailored towards achieving process excellence, minimal waste, and product variation.

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